iGloo App Review

You’ve heard about iGloo (or you can call it iGloo App, iGloo Launch Platform, iGloo plugin), and now you want to learn more about it? You are interesting in a powerful launch platform for your products? Or you just want to make more money online. Welcome to this website, hope that we can give you what you need!

This article is NOT going to cost you anything to read (unless you decide to buy iGloo). So let’s spend your few minutes to explore useful information about iGloo Launch Platform. If you want to check out the introduction from the product creator and have the experience yourself, you may skip all of this and go straight to the official page: http://iglooapp.com/ (they also build all of their page with iGloo)

Now let’s start!

What is iGloo?

igloo launch platform

iGloo Teaser Video

Basic information about iGloo

Product name: iGloo

Sale Page: http://iglooapp.com/

Product Type: Launch platform

Launch at: 11 AM EST, Tuesday June 14th

Creators: Josh Ratta, Thomas Dolso, Mira Dobes (affiliate manager)

Sales Funnel: Yes

Bonus Packages: Yes

iGloo Creators


Launch Details


Sales Funnel


Don’t make your decision yet, let’s see what this iGloo can do in the review and demo video below.

What will you get from iGloo?

First, you need to watch this video:

May be you are still struggling to make a dollar online. In the most specific way, iGloo will certainly bring the light-bulb on in your brain as to what you need to have in your online business to succeed. This platform will really break the whole online marketing thing down for you and help you to put into theory what is needed so you can invest your time and money into building a real business.

iGloo is perfect for you if:

  1. You are launching & selling products or services on the web.
  2. If you are looking to generate extra income by creating the highest quality sales funnels.
  3. If you are serious about building a successful online business.
    (If you fit into either of these three categories, you are going to LOVE iGloo).

With iGloo you can quickly & easily create:

  • Pre-launch viral social contests
  • Affiliate recruitment pages
  • Landing & sales pages
  • Webinar Registration pages
  • Company websites
  • And MUCH more contests/pages/sites…

All are created with the simplest & most efficient drag & drop interface designed for everyone!

Some comment about iGloo (you can see some ‘famous person’ here)


Get a closer look by watching their Demo Video below:

Pretty amazing, right? iGloo can save your time, help you to cover lots of work. And wait, there are exclusive bonus packages that iGloo creators prepare for you. These templates, checklist and materials are so useful for any marketers. Get iGloo and FREE Access To These Super Bonuses!

igloo-bonus-1 igloo-bonus-2 igloo-bonus-3


You should get iGloo now – Free Bonuses, Great Discount and Full Support!

Besides great features and bonus you get when using iGloo Launch Platform, they provide a 30-day Money Back Guarantee Policy, that means you can refund iGloo if it doesn’t meet your requirement. A month is enough for everyone to decide this product is worth or not.

In additional, I’ll give you free bonus if you order iGloo through my link. Totally 15 valuable tools and online courses will be your. You can check this out by clicking iGloo Bonus on the top menu, or click here. So what is your decision?


Thanks for visiting my iGloo Launch Plaform Review. Hope you could find useful information here!

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